press for ESCAPE routes

Source magazine, 37, winter 2003

Source Magazine, 2003

Source Magazine, 2003

Recent Work

Brighton Media Centre, 23 October - 24 November

“A whole array of familiar names - well established artists - are showing recent work at the Brighton Media Centre. I had expected landscape to be in the ascendant and this proves to be the case, with four of the seven exhibitors forefronting the landscape, and a fifth, Lisa Creagh, the cityscape. Creagh in her series here, concentrates on the realm of the troglodyte, city underpasses and subways, places we tend to avoid and where we definately don’t linger. Our experiences of these dank, scrofulous burrows - their sights and scents - are readily shed by our memories, eagerly forgotten. Unlike Rut Blees Luxemburg’s seductive night-time images of the seedy fringes of the city, Creagh’s images give us what we expect, remind us why we forgot about these places. Only Heaven’s Gate, 2001 depicting a flight of steps lit by golden sunlight, shows us the way out. The photography is raw and unsophisticated, totally inkeeping with the demeanour of their subject - matter of fact, snatched and not lingered upon.”

ahead magazine, spring 2001

Headliner NY Lisa Creagh: What’s in The Light?

Written by Jennifer Neal, Marion Stopler

“Light is essential life energy. I find the relationship between electricity and light fascinating. It’s like we are channeling the earth’s energy - we are producing energy using the earth’s resources and then channellling it all the way around the world using cables and circuitry, which is really like the body’s circuitry - and producing these sources of light which are life-sustaining. In dark places, it becomes really mesmerizing and mystical. It’s the relationship between technology and mysticism. And in yoga, you breathe in ‘prnan’, which is meant to be tiny beads of light which fill your body with light energy.”

The study of light is a prevailing element in the work of artist Lisa Creagh, whose opulent and enigmatic paintings of low-level lit environments are pure visual therapy. Current exhibitions are at Get real Art, on 20th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue and The Lush Lounge on Duane Street in Tribecca, New York.