escape routes

landscapes, 2001
C-Type Handprint 12” x 16”


Escape Routes was a large body of work comprising of photorealistic oils, photographs and digital collage. The starting point was an invitation to create a 'dance installation' with Laban choreographer and dancer, Olu Taiwo and the Landing Sites Collective in 1995.

Inspired by the film '2001: A Space Odyssey’, Ulysses by James Joyce, Drum and Bass music, and emerging ideas around virtual reality, Escape Routes was based on the idea of the city as a labyrinth, with transitional states and contemporary Rites of Passage. It is a meditation on the idea of an Urban Walkabout: an emotional, intellectual and technical wandering.

Created mostly whilst working in New York, this work is engaged with ideas around technological advancements, the anxiety of accelerated change and exploration of photography as a medium capable of expressing inner worlds.

The series incorporates abstract, figurative and landscape images, using multiple mediums to create digital collages, oil paintings and an edition of C-Type hand prints.