1st August - 9th September 2001

get real art, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY11211

Artists include Jeffrey Woolf, Jennifer Neal, Billy Name, Tracy Gilman, Denise Pelletier, Hugh Russell, Gandalf Gavan, Sara Abalan, Christina Snouffler, Steve Swingler, Peter Chung, Christopher Frederick 

Cleansing rituals are embedded in spiritual practices across the world. Ablutions, baptism, blessings The old saying, "Cleanliness is godliness" is testament to the idea that inner demons can be eradicated by water. 

In our cynical and secular culture the rituals of cleanliness persist as personal and public exorcisms. fastidious cleaning may now be treated as a symptom of mental illness but the culture of mental hygiene still prevails in social institutions, personified by the colour white. 

White is not a colour, but an absence of colour. Nothing is white.

The twelve artists here feature approaches to the subject that vary widely in terms of subject matter and materials. Some have a personal relationship to the subject that exceeds the confines of an exhibition.

Lisa Creagh, Curator, Get Real Art 2001