residencies and commissions

brighton met 2016-2018


This residency was enormously important for the development of the Holding Time project. Through the support of staff and technicians at Brighton MET I had access to high quality photographic equipment and computer hardware. The studio space gave me a place to invite mothers that was professional and neutral. During the residency i organised a talks programme for students to look at some of the key areas of art practice. The residency was facilitated by the AA2A scheme.

The AA2A project provides placements for visual artists and designer makers in Higher and Further Education institutions across England. In 2015-2016, AA2A schemes will run 16 institutions, providing around 65 placements nationally. In the last 16 years, around 1,700 participants have had the opportunity to undertake a period of research or realise a project, using workshops and supporting facilities in participating fine art and design departments.

In 2015/16 there will be 16 institutions in England hosting AA2A schemes. Each participating institution normally offers places to four artists or designer-makers. Typical supporting facilities available to artists and makers include college lending libraries, access to lecture programmes, life rooms, etc. Each artist/maker has at least 100 hours access, which they can use between October and April. AA2A endeavours to provide support of up to £200 to artists on benefits associated with low income, if they need this to be able to take up their place (conditions apply).

AA2A Ltd is a social enterprise company dedicated to running the project. We have three part time members of staff - Wendy Mason (National Director), Georgia Rodger (National Coordinator) and Jo Warren (National Project Officer). The AA2A websites are maintained by Robin Keech.

AA2A is funded by Arts Council England through the National Lottery Grants for the Arts programme and through contributions from the individual institutions.