Archive: Cut and Paste

From the earliest point in my creative process I used collage as a means to understand better why I was using the camera to look. I was certain that if I was to create new images in a world already saturated with images, that these would need to be conscious, considered and purposeful. Collage was my method of refining, processing and understanding my own need to photograph.

Holding Time

New work is in the pipeline after months of hard work in the studio with mothers, collaborators and some beautiful glass...! Holding Time is my most ambitious work to date, combining moving image, animation, still photography, still life and portraiture. Combining designs from Cosmatesque floors found in Byzantium Roman churches, I hope to create Time Maps for each mother that describe in geometry, the cyclical nature of a specific period of duration...

The Instant Garden


Using the idea of the ‘instant garden’ created when a richly floral carpet was thrown to the ground in ancient Persia, I create a new kind of ‘garden’ using composite images of industrially grown flowers. The result is a product of a slow, ponderous process of assembling ‘pieces’. The soft lighting, reminiscent of Dutch Still Life paintings, is used to enhance a sense of distance and deep space as the “real” flower is converted through software into the flower symbol found in many ancient decorative arts.

Celtic Circles


A 3 minute podcast describing the early development of ideas behind The Instant Garden series starting with  drawings of interconnecting circles based upon ancient Celtic, Minoan and Islamic artefacts.

Q&A Session at Jumeirah Hotel


This talk accompanied the Artist in Residence programme coordinated by Camilla Girardot at The Art Movement took place at The Jumeirah Hotel in March 2015, where I was 'Artist in Resident' for one month...

Tidy Street Podcasts

Tidy Street, in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine, was turned into a large scale public gallery for the duration of the Brighton Photo Fringe October, 2006 in a project with residents..

'Plant' a new book by Phaidon

'Floriculture 2' is featured in a new book by Phaidon on Botanical Art. Carefully selected by an international panel of experts and arranged in a uniquely structured sequence to highlight thought-provoking contrasts and similarities, this stunning compilation of botanically themed images includes iconic work by celebrated artists, photographers, scientists, and botanical illustrators, as well as rare and previously unpublished images.

Bullet Time and Cyclical Time

"While the world reeled from the dizzying implications of this event, a different kind of ‘reeling’ was taking place in editing rooms across the world. The numbered frames were cut, frozen and slowed for re-examination. Reversing, forwarding in half speed: the plane hitting, the people jumping, the towers falling....Quickly the collage of history was assembled and fed back to the audience, hungry for explanation and answers. Did it really happen? Yes it did….here it is again..."

On Time and Ecology


"Just as the great creation myth of Adam and Eve predicted, our pursuit of knowledge has cost us our immortality. Because we are now prisoners, albeit with golden handcuffs, of a system that demands we sacrifice the one resource all of us have in finite amount: Time...."

Notes on Time: Linear Time

"The experiments of Muybridge and Marey were undeniably of the greatest importance to the development of cinema. Jeffrey describes the ‘controlled aspect’ of the scientific experimentation of Muybridge and Marey as the aspect that links Animal locomotion​..

Shamans and Spirits


To come across a photograph of a Native American Shaman practicing his rites of healing in a modern day coffee table book is to encounter a cross section of contradictions and traditions concerning photography’s historical role in the colonial, anthropological, religious, philosophical and material legacy.

Dear Garry Fabian Miller

Garry Fabian Miller 'Becoming Magma, New Year, January 2005' 2005 Water, light, dye destruction print Width 41 cm x height 30.5 cm © Garry Fabian Miller

"We briefly met when you signed my book and I sheepishly confessed to two decades of loving your work. As I left I reflected on the £35.00 I shouldn’t have spent, on your generous thoughts about promoting Unknown artists and my complete inability to take up such a golden opportunity..."

'Merge Visible' Exhibition

Merge Visible, an exhibition of digital collage in contemporary fine art photography, featuring examples by six eminent practitioners, all of whom utilise computer software to create imaginative compositions, part reality, part fantasy, which offer a window onto the world around us.

The Parlour Website Launches


Working together with Sociologist, Lucila Newell I hope The Parlour will open up debate around breastfeeding from the rather polarised discussions around nutrition and public displays of breastfeeding into the deeper ideas of motherhood and time, breastfeeding as a social practice, motherhood as conscious activism. Read more about the project here.

Fotofest International Art Fair

With the assistance of an AN Travel bursary​ I was able to meet with museum curators and gallerists at this year's Fotofest International. Taking place only once every other year, this festival features multiple exhibitions across Houston and the surrounding area and is one of the oldest running and most respected Photo Biennials in the world.

London Art Fair, 20-24  January 2016

I will be exhibiting alongside the late Michael Ormerod, Karine Laval, Rosa Basurto and Ellie Davies on Crane Kalman Brighton's stand G8 at the London Art Fair at the Business Design Centre in Islington from 20th to 24th January 2016. The gallery will be at Stand G8 on the first floor balcony. Read more....

Photographs: in Celebration of Britain


This season, Christie’s London Photographs department celebrates Britain in all its forms and guises: from British photographers and sitters to scenes of British life. On 15 October, Christie’s will offer works depicting famous British faces and places of the 20th century, with estimates ranging from £400 to £35,000. Offering collectors the opportunity to acquire affordable works with exceptional provenance, the sale will feature over 140 lots. The sale will explore the history of the medium; from vintage black and white to contemporary photography, via fashion and the natural world.

Press for The Instant Garden


"In 1932, the Leica 35mm helped Henri Cartier-Bresson invent the ‘decisive moment’. In 2010, digital manipulation has helped persuade Lisa Creagh that we’re entering a new phase. “Digital technology is changing photography,” she says. “There’s a very modernist aesthetic of the instant moment, and that’s defined photography for the last 80 years. But I think pattern is very relevant in digital photography. It’s more about repetition and a series of endless cycles, something being the same but repeated over and over. A new language is evolving and that’s what I want to explore."

© Lisa Creagh 2016