Holding Time at ONCA Gallery
February 22nd - March 5th 2018

Making Space Residency
Fabrica Gallery, January 2018

Interview in PhotoMonitor

In Conversation with Christiane Monarchi
Fabrica Gallery, January 2018

Holding Time at Royal Brompton Hospital
April - June 2018

The Creativity of Plants
Japanisch - Deuche Tenri Institute
Cologne, April 2018

Exbury Nerines, October 2017

Plant: Exploring the Botanical World
Phaidon Press, 2016
Art as Medicine
Blogpost, Jan 2017

Breastfeeding in Public
Workshop at ONCA Feb 28th 2018

In Conversation with Lucilla Newell
ONCA Gallery, February 24th 2018

British Journal of Photography
Interview, January 2018

Royal Brompton Hospital Commission
January 2018

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