Funding confirmed for Marie Lactans


Great news: The Parlour has received their first pot of funding from the West Hove Community Fund to produce podcast interviews with breastfeeding mothers. Following the establishment of a steering committee comprised of midwives, lactation consultants, doulas and community based support workers, The Parlour has had success in our first application for funding.

Photography: The Instant Garden


Using the idea of the ‘instant garden’ created when a richly floral carpet was thrown to the ground in ancient Persia, I create a new kind of ‘garden’ using composite images of industrially grown flowers. The result is a product of a slow, ponderous process of assembling ‘pieces’. The soft lighting, reminiscent of Dutch Still Life paintings, is used to enhance a sense of distance and deep space as the “real” flower is converted through software into the flower symbol found in many ancient decorative arts.

Writing: On Time and Ecology


Just as the great creation myth of Adam and Eve predicted, our pursuit of knowledge has cost us our immortality. Because we are now prisoners, albeit with golden handcuffs, of a system that demands we sacrifice the one resource all of us have in finite amount: Time.

Writing: Notes on Time: Linear Time

Part three of my survey of writings on the subject of Time and Photograpohy looks at definitions of the concept of Linear Time...

Exhibition opens at The Art Movement

From November 18th  Floriculture 1 in it's original full size of ten by five and a half feet will be on show, along with original wallpaper designed for the space. The wallpaper has been designed specifically for the exhibition and will occupy a full wall alongside Floriculture 1 and 2...if you would like to attend the opening please click here to read more

Writing: Dear Garry Fabian Miller

Garry Fabian Miller 'Becoming Magma, New Year, January 2005' 2005 Water, light, dye destruction print Width 41 cm x height 30.5 cm © Garry Fabian Miller

We briefly met when you signed my book and I sheepishly confessed to two decades of loving your work. As I left I reflected on the £35.00 I shouldn’t have spent, on your generous thoughts about promoting Unknown artists and my complete inability to take up such a golden opportunity...

Podcast: Q&A Session at Jumeirah Hotel


This talk accompanied the Artist in Residence programme coordinated by Camilla Girardot at The Art Movemen

News: Floriculture 1 At Christies Auction House


Floriculture 1 86" x 48" sold recently at Christie's Auction House...

Producing: Tidy Street


Tidy Street, in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine, was turned into a large scale public gallery for the duration of the Brighton Photo Fringe October, 2006 in a project with residents..

Order Now: Satin Silk Scarves

I am currently currently running a Kickstarter project to raise money to produce a Hardcover Book of The Instant Garden. It's a Limited edition of only 500, order your now! With beautiful limited edition silk satin scarves as an added incentive, choose your favourite from one of four designs...

Shamans and Spirits


To come across a photograph of a Native American Shaman practicing his rites of healing in a modern day coffee table book is to encounter a cross section of contradictions and traditions concerning photography’s historical role in the colonial, anthropological, religious, philosophical and material legacy.

Podcast: Celtic Circles


This is a short podcast describing the early development of ideas behind The Instant Garden series...

Press: The Instant Garden


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